470 new ticket vending machines for the VRR.

ICA to deliver hundreds of new stationary ticket vending machines to Transdev Vertrieb GmbH.

For the next eleven years starting December 2019 Transdev Vertrieb will take over all distribution services at railway stations and local railway passenger transport (Schienenpersonennahverkehr, SPNV) in the Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr, VRR).

For this purpose, ICA Traffic GmbH will be delivering almost 470 ticket vending machines.

Thus, together with Transdev Vertrieb, ICA Traffic has scored another big coup within a very short time after the major contract for the delivery of ticket vending machines to the Rhine-Main Transport Association (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, RMV). The ticket vending machines, which support all common payment methods, have an additional roof display that serves as a journey planner.

The system also includes video machines; among other things, they offer the opportunity for passengers who are not familiar with the area to establish a video connection to a call centre. Here passengers can contact a service agent, express their wishes and receive direct help. The agent has access to the video machine via remote connection and can enter all settings, so all the passenger has to do is pay the ticket. The video machines are equipped like the traditional ticket vending machines and offer all familiar features. The Duisburg Transport Company (Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft, DVG) has also set up a lot of these devices, for instance in the customer centre at Duisburg central station.

All vending machines accept coins and banknotes, and are capable of returning change with banknotes as well. They have a card reader for contactless and contact cashless payment. The eTickets that are common in the VRR will continue to be accepted by the machines. Also worthy of special mention is the new, modern user interface, which sets standards with its clarity and comprehensibility.

The new ticket machines are currently being rolled out. They are easily recognisable by their strong green VRR colour. The VRR covers an area with more than eight million inhabitants; on workdays, it carries more than four million passengers by public transport.

Photos: VRR machines at Essen central station

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