Award for commitment to children’s hearts.

ICA has been committed to children suffering from heart disease since 2014 and was honoured with another award for the year 2019.

Thanks to the financial support from our company, children suffering from heart disease can be treated according to the latest medical standards.

The Fördergemeinschaft Deutsche Kinderherzzentren e.V. (Patronage Association of German Children’s Heart Centres) was founded in 1989 by doctors and parents of children with heart diseases. The association’s first goal was to address the acute crisis in pediatric heart surgery. The Deutsches Kinderherzzentrum (German Children’s Heart Centre) in Sankt Augustin started operations in 2000 with a capacity of up to 700 operations per year. A great success made possible by the support of sponsors!

This should also apply to those concerned across Germany and beyond: Children with congenital heart defects shall have equal chances of cure everywhere.

This also includes, for example, the expansion of further pediatric cardiac surgery centres, the improvement of technical and personnel equipment, the support of scientific projects as well as information and education about congenital heart defects. The success of all efforts depends on the faithful support of the donors.


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