Bicycle station at the central station.

Bicycles need to be parked, too.

South of Karlsruhe central station, the ageing car park P3 was structurally modified and converted into a bicycle station.

Over an area of over 1,200 sqm, 600 parking places for different types of two-wheelers were created. There is also space for special bikes (cargo bikes, bikes with trailers). A separate service area provides charging facilities for e-bikes.

Light-filled rooms, excellent lighting and accents of colour create a pleasant atmosphere – an enjoyable place to park your bicycle. The new car park is already the second bicycle parking garage at Karlsruhe central station. In order to increase protection against theft, the parking garage is under video surveillance and has restricted access.

The ticket stations for the issuance of parking tickets were installed by ICA. Once a ticket has been issued, the access control device operates the turnstile at the entrance.

Parking fees are paid at the ticket machine as usual. The turnstile at the exit leads directly to the station underpass to the platforms.

The ICA multi-ticket centre controls the entire facility and offers the operator the opportunity to manage the system and to invoice in a comfortable manner.

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