ICA also facilitates ticketless parking.

Entering and leaving the car park – without having to draw a ticket or to hold a card to the reader.

At the beginning of June, the entrance and exit areas of the P8 car park, located directly at the so-called “Bermudadreieck” (Bermuda triangle) in Bochum, were equipped by ICA with cameras for license plate recognition.

Since then, selected season parkers can enter and exit the car park without a parking card. Stopping before the barrier, lowering the window and holding the chip card to the contactless reader – all this is no longer necessary. The new technology provides greater convenience and saves much time for car park users.

A particular challenge of this project was the placement of cameras at the hard-to-view entrance and exit areas at Kreuzstraße.

In close cooperation with Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung as the operator, ICA mastered the challenge and created optimum conditions for the new technology.

A technical solution in conformity with the GDPR was of particular importance to the operator and ICA. License plates are deleted after 48 hours, and customers can avoid license plate recognition by using a separate entrance and exit lane where no cameras are installed.

The test phase will continue until the end of September. Afterwards, Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung will decide whether the system shall be extended to all season parkers.

Photos: Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung/Sascha Kreklau

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