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Is the future multi-channel – i.e., digital + analogue? A lecture by Jörg Metzger, Sales Director ICA TRAFFIC.

In times of digitalisation, many questions need to be addressed in a new way. Today, it is already a truism to say that not only is our professional environment changing, but so are entire processes, procedures and habits in our society.

For more than 30 years, ICA has been building ticket vending machines for public transport (Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr, ÖPNV) and local rail passenger transport (Schienenpersonennahverkehr, SPNV). When listening carefully to the discussions on the subject of sales engineering within the industry, at least two clear key messages can be identified:

1. Ticket vending machines are here to stay.

2. Digital channels of distribution in ticketing, particularly mobile apps, are rapidly evolving.

Sounds like a contradiction? Not really. Good vending machine locations traditionally generate good sales. Not all sales apps on the market are being greeted with enthusiasm – due to their lack of success and high costs. Therefore, both aspects need to be looked into in more detail. New ticketing apps are springing up like mushrooms. But what is the right approach, “multi-channel” or rather “one-channel”?

Ticket vending machines have to be integrated into the sales portfolio of all channels of distribution. Real simplification for passengers will only be achieved at the next evolutionary stage: the linking of ticket vending machines with value-added services such as Google Maps to determine location and destination. Passengers can choose their destination on a map and are immediately offered suggestions for the respective ÖPNV ticket. Similar to smartphones and tablets, the ticket machines have a multi-touch function. The decisive advantage for transport companies: With its simple and intuitive operation, the ticket vending machine supports the company on its way to become an even more modern mobility company. The additional opportunity to add information on sights and to directly sell the corresponding entrance tickets makes the ticket vending machine a popular point of sale in every modern city. Thus, transport companies can gain access to more passengers and income by cooperating with municipal and cultural institutions.

ICA has hitherto been considered as an expert for ticketing systems based on stationary and mobile ticket vending machines. The product portfolio is extended by the new strategy, the ICA “TICKETING INSIDE” system. Visitors of the recent InnoTrans exhibition in September 2018 will have noticed considerable changes at the ICA stand.

In the near future, ICA will launch its first web shops, including sales apps. First orders are already being processed. This way into the future is paved with an investment and development package as well as the cooperation with a software partner. ICA is continually expanding, hiring developers and has recently tripled its production area by developing new areas for its development department in Dortmund

ICA Traffic GmbH, Jörg Metzger


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