ICA opens new research centre in Dortmund.

Innovative research centre to make ICA fit for digital mobility solutions.

Heinz Sander, owner and CEO of ICA Traffic, has launched a new major research and development centre at the new development and technology location in Dortmund. Over an area of approximately 1,000 sqm, an inspiring, future-oriented and almost visionary atmosphere is created that meets today’s understanding of work-life-balance.

To encourage open ways of thinking and working as well as continuous dialogue, the new Innovative Research Centre has been equipped with a modern staff, areas that enhance motivation and communication and create a think-tank atmosphere with chill-out seating, large plants, table football for employees and much more. In this innovative working environment with a positive indoor climate, the agile SCRUM world (pre-development) will be mixed with the world of the classic Waterfall model (project management). This is where synergies and benefits are created for all those involved – internally and externally.

“We are able to present first results of the new way of thinking that comes along with this development. Within a few months, we have developed TICKETING INSIDE, a new distribution system, as well as a mobile app, both of which will be launched on the market in September“, says Heinz Sander, taking an optimistic view of the company’s future development. “We are convinced that this is the right way to fuel our traditional ticket vending machine business with new innovations while strengthening and further expanding the challenges of the digital transformation with innovative digital products, especially in terms of mobile ticketing and other mobility solutions.”

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