Mobile terminals from ICA

The modular solution from ICA Traffic GmbH!

At the latest with the introduction of the Deutschlandticket in May 2023, the control of travel authorisations with the VDV-KA standard (e-tickets) has become even more important than ever. The emerging digitalisation in public transport also makes it necessary to modernise the control devices. The use of the control devices can significantly increase revenue assurance. With the ICA solution, fast and secure control of travel authorisations, ticket sales and data collection is possible.

ICA Traffic has developed an integrated control solution for fast and reliable ticket control. The mobile terminal and software application is a flexible modular system solution and can be integrated into the central sales background system.

The mobile terminal from ICA Traffic is perfectly designed for customer service in public transport. This includes ticket control according to the relevant standards of VDV-KA, UIC and others. The implementation of control modules (PKM) is also planned. The recording of EBE cases with the associated EBE case processing in the management portal (background system) and ticket sales also round off the modular system solution.

For demanding use, the robust and handy mobile terminal with its low weight is optimally suited for daily use. The integrated scan functions, RFID reader, the existing trigger buttons for e.g. passenger counting, the possibility of telephony, the high computing power, long battery runtimes and the touch screen distinguish the ICA system solution.

The ICA management portal (background system) maps, among other things, the processing of EBE cases, billing, the dunning process and the fares to be sold. Here, the workflow is mapped modularly in the ICA system and the efficiency of the user is increased.

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