New ICA ticket machines for the RMV.

Greater ease of use and additional services for passengers.

The new ICA ticket machines have been in successful operation in the entire Rhine-Main Transport Association (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, RMV) since spring 2018. Passengers using the new ticket vending machines benefit from greater ease of use and additional services. For example, they have a second roof display that serves as a journey planner, a function that is new for the RMV.

Other significant advantages over predecessor models are a better display menu, the possibility to change large banknotes as well as contactless payment with NFC technology. In addition, the machines comply with the German VDV-KA standards in accordance with the RMV requirements. Products offered by DB Fernverkehr (long-distance) are also available.

For administration and technical monitoring, ICA has supplied DUALIS Dimas, the back-office system of the latest generation, to Transdev. All ICA ticket machines are in an “always on” mode and can report faults autonomously. Among other things, this reduces any downtime and repair times.

Last but not least, these ticket vending machines are in accordance with the ICA ECOLINE standard and therefore consume significantly less electricity than the standard models available on the market.

The replacement affected all machines at S-Bahn and regional train stops in the RMV area. In the meantime, ICA has received further follow-up orders.

Photos: RMV/Christof Mattes (above), rms GmbH (below)

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