New Traveller CLS ticketing system for Dresden (DVB)

Dresden – In a Europe-wide tender for the acquisition of mobile ticket vending machines, ICA Traffic in Dortmund yet again saw off competitors and secured the contract with an innovative solution. The Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe will purchase 240 of ICA’s mobile cashless ticket machines together with the fitting management system. ICA’s new Traveller CLS mobile ticket machines will replace existing machines and provide even more comfort and satisfaction for DVB passengers in the future.

What is this “innovative solution”?

Smart design, compact form and reliability – these are the immediately recognisable plus points. But it doesn’t stop there:

Even long before Covid-19, the DVB opted to take an entirely new approach to on-board ticketing. In future, passengers in Dresden will be able to make cashless and contactless payments for their tickets, a trend we are seeing across the whole country. Cash will not be accepted at these ticket machines, but the DVB will still maintain a wide network of stationary ticket machines at various stops, giving passengers free choice for payment options.

Below are yet more advantages of the new system:

  • bright 10-inch touch display
  • multi modal applications
  • accepts debit cards and credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay via RFID reader
  • quick ticketing via display unit
  • can be expanded to include VDV-KA (open data and interface standard for electronic fare management)
  • easy to install on vehicle handrails

Contactless payment and contactless ticket issuing bring about a key aspect: the only time passengers will have to touch the machine is when selecting their ticket from the screen. This is something that cannot be underestimated, especially in times like these.

Additionally, the new machines will reduce the DVB’s maintenance costs by a considerable margin – an essential factor when evaluating the efficiency of a distribution system.

Mr Martin Gawalek, Centre Director of Traffic management and Marketing, said: “This ticket machine is almost tailor-made for our requirements, and the overall tender was very attractive to the DVB. We look forward to continued cooperation with ICA.”

ICA Traffic GmbH is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of complete system solutions for ticketing. The company, which is based in Dortmund, provides engineering, system design, front-end devices, back-end systems, web applications and apps as well as services from a one-stop shop.

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