The HERO21 UVC disinfection robot – an answer to today’s disinfection needs

With UV-C radiation against the coronavirus and other dangerous germs: The new ICA Health division produces and sells the disinfection robot HERO21

Hospital bugs pose a serious risk. Experts in this field have been debating the issue very intensively in the aim of reducing the number of hospital infections. Even before the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, their efforts were centred around the search for a disinfection procedure that would be more effective than conventional manual disinfection.

Convinced of the disinfection powers of UVC radiation, and with support from the Chair of Electrical Engineering and Plasma Technology at the Ruhr University Bochum, ICA, a Dortmund-based technology company, has developed a scientifically proven end product which meets all the standards.

The disinfection robot is suitable for use in a wide range of settings. Besides the healthcare sector, it also lends itself to use in industry or in public spaces, such as airports or trade fairs. Cutting-edge technology ensures that the robot can move through the disinfection area with complete autonomy, controlled via an app. This means it can be put to work without the human operator having to set foot in the contaminated area. And the HERO21 doesn’t only protect hospital staff and patients – when used in other settings for initial disinfection of contaminated rooms, cleaning staff who are usually out on the front line face a much lower risk of infection.

As an emblem of 21st-century health robotics, the HERO21 features intelligent technology:

  • Autonomous movement
  • Controlled via app
  • Scans and saves rooms autonomously
  • Protects frontline cleaning staff
  • Can be used as an initial measure prior to manual disinfection.


The multi-level safety system has all scenarios covered. The HERO21 system recognises when a person enters the room, or is already present, and switches off the UVC unit. Specially developed door sensors also ensure automatic shut-down if a door is opened. On top of that, the HERO21 has an emergency OFF switch on the device itself.

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