The current project topic No. 1: Life Cycle Cost – how to put the calculation of products on a sustainable basis

Deutsche Bahn has been among ICA’s biggest customers for many years. As early as 2005, a framework agreement for the delivery of a total of 3,500 ticket vending machines of the regional ticket vending machine type (Regionaler Ticketautomat, RTA) was concluded. These ticket machines have many advantages over the predecessor models. This applies to the technology used, but also to the usability for passengers.

These ticket machines are still frequently seen at German stations, whether at Berlin central station or in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, whether in Saxony or at Frankfurt central station.

In 2008, ICA succeeded in concluding an exclusive framework agreement with DB for the delivery of on-board ticket vending machines. Right from the start we met the DB’s high demands. Whether it was about the luminosity of the display or the possible payment methods, including cashless payment – we finally succeeded in equipping the on-board ticket machines with the same technical features as DB’s stationary ticket vending machines.

Over the years, a close cooperation has developed between Deutsche Bahn and ICA Traffic. During this time, the issue of life cycle costs has become more and more important – a plausible development given the large number of ticket vending machines. Today, the machines are facing the competition of digital channels of distribution. Through stable and reliable provision of spare parts and services, ICA contributes to optimising distribution costs and the availability of ticket vending machines.

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