Many years of successful cooperation and a look into the digital future.

The cooperation with NVS GmbH is not limited to the area of local public transport with ICA Traffic, but also covers the area of parking management with its affiliate ICA Parking. For more than 15 years, the state capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has been operating its own parking spaces. In 2003, ICA Parking supplied the first facilities for the management of parking spaces, which already worked with contactless RFID cards instead of simple barcodes on paper. If you park your car in Schwerin and get a chip card from the card dispenser at the entrance terminal which you then pay at the automated pay station, you will be using a facility supplied by ICA. Benefits right from the start: As a reusable medium, a chip card incurs low maintenance costs and offers great liability.

In 2011, NVS planned to acquire ticket vending machines for stops, trams and buses. At that time, NVS visited potential suppliers, including ICA. In the following tender, ICA prevailed over its competitors and was awarded the contract to deliver the DUALIS system. Meanwhile, these machines have been in successful operation for many years.

In the context of the digitalisation of the NVS channels of distribution, a meeting with the management of NVS was planned for November 2018. At this meeting, it was discussed how the existing ticket machines could be made fit for the future while at the same time exploring new channels of distribution. After intensive discussions between the management of NVS and the sales management of ICA Traffic, an immediate decision was made to enter into a letter of intent on this subject. In a first subsequent step, the ticket machines were retrofitted with contactless readers for payment by cards.

In February 2019, ICA was commissioned to deliver a ticket sales app, which has been available in the stores for iOS and Android smartphones since 9 September 2019. Thus, NVS had a mobile app for its passengers after just six months of development. Ticketing Inside was created in close cooperation between the two contracting parties. This was made possible by agile software development using the Scrum method.

Project data

Scope of delivery:
At the beginning of September 2019, ICA delivered a mobile app for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. ICA’s Mobile APP marked the start of digital distribution for NVS in Schwerin.
The apps are native apps for Apple and Android.

Smartphones with an Android operating system require at least Android version 5.0 or higher. Apple devices require at least iOS 9.0 or higher. ICA provides the IT infrastructure via cloud computing.

Scope of functions:
The app is to offer single tickets and day tickets for cashless sale. There are tickets that are valid immediately after purchasing, and tickets that must be validated before the journey (for later use).

A survey of tickets already bought (purchase history) and a user account for the maintenance of customer data will be implemented.
When choosing the address maintenance option, passengers have the possibility to receive an invoice via email in PDF format.

A dynamic QR code was implemented as a security feature.
An Android native app (test app) to verify the authenticity of the tickets was delivered.

Admin portal:
NVS gets an admin and management interface for the maintenance of authorisations, tariffs and tickets.

Payment clearing house:
PayPal PLUS as payment provider

Additional services:
In cooperation with NVS, ICA produced the layout of the tickets, the mobile apps and the layout of the presence in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.
Support in setting up the payment provider PayPal and training on Apple and Google consoles.

Second-level support IT infrastructure: computing power, bandwidth and storage via cloud computing.

Key data on the ticket machines at NVS:
Delivery: 2012
89 machines in total:
8 DUALIS 2000 IS (stationary)
Coins and banknotes as well as cashless payment
71 DUALIS 3000 S (on board)
Coins and banknotes as well as cashless payment, too

Both types of machines were modernised and equipped for payment with contactless cards in 2019. To this end, the payment terminal was replaced and a contactless reader was installed.
EC cards and credit cards are accepted for contact and contactless payment.

NVS uses ICA DUALIS Cemas as back-office system.


What our client says:

NVS CEO Wilfried Eisenberg: “We knew that ICA produces good ticket machines with the corresponding software; but we were still surprised that ICA could help us so quickly with the digitalisation of our distribution.

Lothar Matzkeit, authorised representative and operations manager at NSV: “We have been working together with ICA for many years; we are convinced of the quality of the ticket machines, and also of the reliability and the good service. It is only logical to continue this path in order to modernise distribution in times of digitalisation and to offer our passengers new products, such as the app. We are happy about the good cooperation.“

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