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Chip card

Chip card tickets

The chip card is the ideal data carrier in parking systems.

It can be reused over 100,000 times, programmed in any way, printed fully on both sides and can read and write without any contact. The chip card tickets are used as short-term, season, prepaid and special tickets.

The tried and tested chip cards ICA has been using for years were developed according to specific instructions together with selected manufacturers. Due to the special composition of the material, the chip card is robust as well as resistant to temperature, moisture and magnetic fields, and thus provides the basis for a flawless and trouble-free parking system.



Good for the environment. And your balance sheet.

The GREEN CHIP CARD SYSTEM is the latest stage in the development of our chip card based MultiTicket C family. The economic and environmental advantages of paperless parking management have been developed further thanks to our use of energy-saving components. Besides the flexible use, upgradeability and economic aspects, eco-friendly operation is becoming an increasingly important decision-making factor.

With the advancement of the MultiTicket C system, operating cost minimising advantages resulting from chip card operation and new energy-saving components add up to a solution that significantly increases economic advantages for the operator and ecological advantages for our environment.

  • energy-saving LED displays
  • 75% energy-saving thanks to new barrier drive technology
  • saving on ticket costs and waste disposal
  • favourable maintenance costs

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