EKS/AKS 5000

Pioneering in terms of reliability and efficiency

Reliably and quickly – this is how the barriers open at the entries and exits of our modern, modular-design stations.

Depending on the system selected, either chip cards or barcode tickets are used for short-term parkers. In both variants, NFC technology is used for season, debit or special cards.

The stations offer interfaces to other access media that can be used for entry and exit. In addition to QR code scanners, UHF long-range readers or OEM assembly units, cameras for license plate recognition can be integrated into the system.

Even before reaching the entry, customers are shown important information or advertising on an optional 15” display. The content can be individually designed by the operator with pictures, texts or advertisements.

An integrated EC card terminal is additionally available to facilitate contactless payment at the exit, thus completing the solution towards cashless parking.

  • potential-free contacts for control of barriers and rolling shutters 
  • integration of UHF long-range readers
  • integration of cameras for license plate recognition
  • contactless payment or retroactive payment at the exit
  • integration of OEM assembly units provided

Dynamische Anzeigen Sani-Station ZKG5000 ST5000 AS4000 KB5000 KA4000 Chipkarte Barcode-Ticket ID-Ticketing Kennzeichenerkennung Weitbereichsleser Rabattierer Einzelplatzueberwachung E-Ladesaeulen Front-End-Geraete Zufahrtstechnologie Infrastruktur MultiTicket

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