Access technology

License plate recognition

The license plate recognition system for cars and trucks.

Ticketless entry and exit – our automatic license plate recognition technology makes it possible. You can determine in the system which user groups may benefit from license plate recognition.

Assign license plates to season parkers or activate the function for your short-term parkers. Even a hybrid solution with barcode tickets and license plate recognition is possible and offers your customers the convenience of fast exit.

Registered short-term parkers can be logged into our system via one of our many interfaces; from that moment they can use ticketless entry and exit. A pioneering step towards smart city.


  • recognition through AI and deep learning
  • country codes (Western Europe)
  • region codes (Germany)
  • filter against halogen, xenon and led headlights
  • Integrated IR lighting
  • day/night mode


  • behind the barrier (right or left)
  • at least 1.5 m distance to the license plate
  • maximum horizontal and vertical angle to license plate: 30°


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