The ICA back office system for more efficiency & better service.

With the DUALIS Dimas back office system, you can now manage your ticketing system more simply, efficiently, and profitably.

Today, a high-performance back office system is indispensable for operating a modern ticketing system. The system manages the ticket vending machines, provides them with data, manages imported data from sales to service, and offers many different functions.

As a modern management system for ticket vending machines, the new DUALIS Dimas system offers convincing advantages in these processes: DUALIS Dimas supports by an intelligent monitoring and a flexible control of the entire system. As a result, operators can shape their processes more efficiently and reduce their costs significantly.

DUALIS Dimas features state-of-theart technology. New and advanced functions such as sophisticated real-time monitoring, as well as new inventory, location, and job management functions complete the software product. The scope of supply includes alarm transmission to mobile devices and advanced access possibilities via tablets, as well as e-ticket functions for national and international applications. With the real-time monitor, the system status can be represented in tabular and graphic form.

The graphic representation is possible separately in three different levels, from the route network plan to the installation point. The new job management feature allows the transmission to record the details of maintenance jobs and enables advanced maintenance programs.

The inventory management system also offers completely new possibilities, by enabling information wich will be recorded and  automatically updated. The tried and tested standard functions of data supply and sales applicat on are now more advanced. Efficient editors for ticket layouts, GUI layouts, and tariffs are a component of the system.

DUALIS Dimas has interfaces to external systems and thus permits a data transfer to external third party systems and importing of data. The DUALIS Dimas system platform is modular and precisely scalable. DUALIS Dimas is web based and uses Windows as operating system. An Oracle database is used for data storage. The integrated report generator ensures high flexibility when evaluating data.

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