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ICA Tariff database

With the ICA tariff database, keep an overview of the complex tariff structures in local transport and enable easy preparation for the sales channels. These are the core functions of the cloud-based software solution.
Whether transport company or transport cluster, with the tariff database, users are able to easily edit, create and test tariff data independent of interfaces. Due to extensive test options, it is also possible to determine the quality of the data early.
Tariff updates can be provided faster and with higher quality by the ICA tariff database.

The ICA tariff database is able to process all types of tariffs. Traditionally, the following differentiations are used:

  • In-house tariff
  • Cluster tariffs (e.g.: RMV tariff)
  • Regional tariffs (e.g.: NRW tariff)
  • Cross-cluster tariffs (e.g. Germany tariff)


How the ICA tariff database works

  1. Tariff management
  2. Tariff maintenance
  3. Testing the tariff data

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