[Stationary Ticket Machines]

Traveller SST

The info and ticket terminal that sets standards.

Ready for multimodal ticketing, the Traveller SST reveals itself to its users with an exciting design and comprehensive functionality. And all in top ICA quality.

The Traveller SST has been developed to be as attractive as possible to your passengers and to enable an effective added value for your mobility services.

With the multimodal 32” display, the passenger receives information, for example, on departure times, combination tickets, information on events, advertising, news, Weather and any required information or offers from other integrable widgets.

The passenger is therefore always optimally informed.

Apart from presenting information, fast and contemporary ticket sales at the Traveller SST are also possible. Purely cashless, cost-efficient and reliable in operation, apart from the complete ticket range, third-party suppliers’ products can also be offered via corresponding web widgets.


The advantages of the Traveller SST information & sales terminal at a glance
• Attractive design
• Large user-friendly 32” touch display
• Multimodal application
• Future-proof investment due to flexible software architecture
• No cost-intensive cash management
• Fast ticket selection
• Electronic ticketing is possible
• Contactless payment (RFID and NFC) with or without PIN input, Girocard, debit & credit cards, mobile payment
• High ease of service
• Low life cycle costs

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