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Ticketing in the cloud. We take care, and you can use the time you save for other projects.

We take care of the hosting, operation and management of your ICA solutions, so that you can use the time for other projects. Our experts take care of the technical set-up, commissioning and operation. We monitor the system and carry out regular updates. Your data is stored redundantly in a high-security computer centre in Frankfurt. The cloud enables transparent investments in IT resources with maximum scalability. You get exactly the computing power, bandwidth and storage space that you need. Thus, you do not have to invest in IT hardware in advance or operate it at considerable expense. You always pay only for what you need. Quite simple.

Your benefits:

  • Comfort: shorter implementation phase, as the services do already exist.
  • Flexibility: scalability as required – bandwidth, computing power and storage.
  • Efficiency: lower investment costs than on-premise solution
  • Access: independent of device or location
  • Safety: data safety (ISO/IEC 27001) through the highest, up-to-date safety standards at the cloud provider in Germany (BSI-certified).
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