RAYA Award 2023 – Award programme for robotic technologies in the pharmaceutical industry

Once again, the HERO21 beat the competition and we were able to win a RAYA Award with our UV-C disinfection robot.

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering’s (ISPE) Robotics Application Awards of the Year (RAYA) is a new annual awards programme that recognises innovative applications of robotic technologies in laboratories and manufacturing facilities. RAYA serves as a platform to promote the use of advanced robotics in the industry.

The HERO21

Developed in 2020, the HERO21 is a scientifically based UV-C disinfection robot that has been developed, validated and tested together with the Ruhr University in Bochum. With the HERO21, we are meeting the hygiene challenges of our time with the most modern technology: Addressing the shortage of skilled workers, high quality requirements and the need for comprehensive digitalisation. With the HERO21, ICA presents a disinfection robot with which users can master all these challenges in terms of responsibility, quality and reliability. Autonomous, documentable, reproducible and efficient, the HERO21 provides sustainable disinfection performance.

Areas of application            

The HERO21 convinces with its disinfection performance in clean room environments, laboratories and hospitals with its disinfection performance. The HERO21 is also convincing in other work areas such as hotels or office buildings with its fast and reliable UV-C disinfection. The simple and very flexible integration makes it possible to use it in almost every working area and protects your employees, guests or patients.

Disinfection is more important than ever – UV-C disinfection in the production area

Many production areas, such as clean room production, sterile production or even the food industry require a high level of responsibility for quality and hygiene, because a lack of disinfection or insufficient disinfection leads to an interruption of production processes. The HERO21 disinfects 25 sqm in just 5-10 minutes, ensuring a smooth production flow with minimal interruption.

To ensure consistently high product and manufacturing quality, reproducible high disinfection quality is essential.

Groundbreaking disinfection technology for everyday clinical use

Whether in operating rooms, intensive care units or other highly sensitive areas of hospitals: The HERO21 provides the highest level of disinfection and thus offers optimum protection. After the initial disinfection of contaminated rooms, even the cleaning staff who normally work at the frontline are exposed to a much lower risk of infection.

Conventional procedures do not adequately solve the problem

Lack of disinfection or inadequate disinfection can result in long-lasting damage within a production cycle or in clinics. In addition, manual disinfection sometimes only reaches half of the surfaces to be disinfected. Consequently, sufficient disinfection of room air or sealed-off surfaces cannot be guaranteed.

The most effective disinfection method: UV-C disinfection

UV-C radiation has been used successfully for several decades in drinking water treatment and industrial food production. This method has decisive arguments in the fight against viruses and bacteria: UV-C radiation penetrates to the genetic material of bacteria, fungi or viruses and prevents reproduction by damaging DNA or RNA. A large number of studies prove the effectiveness and the necessary radiation doses for inactivating viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen.

Multi-level safety system

The HERO21 moves completely autonomously through the rooms to be disinfected. When the robot is switched on, it can be driven into the contaminated rooms via its own specially developed app on the tablet, without having to enter the rooms itself. The HERO21 scans all room data and saves them. The disinfection processes are also automatically documented. The multi-level safety sensor system has thought of everything. The HERO21’s system detects when a person is in or enters the room and immediately stops the disinfection process. Specially developed door sensors also ensure automatic shutdown when the door is opened. In addition, the HERO21 has an emergency switch.


Standard-compliant and scientifically sound

Only specially produced UV-C lamps are used for the HERO21, which were able to convince in the efficiency test in the laboratory against conventional lamps and have an extremely long overall service life. The HERO21 achieves a disinfection level of 99.99 % with a coverage of 360 degrees. In addition, the HERO21 has a very long operating time: it disinfects continuously for up to 3.5 hours. This performance is equivalent to about 14 rooms (25 sqm in 5-10 minutes).

The HERO21 is available again after only two hours of charging. All analyses for this were carried out in a certified S1 gene laboratory.

Sustainability in disinfection

UV-C disinfection is the first step towards environmentally friendly and sustainable disinfection. Disinfection by means of light does not produce any residues. The extremely long-lasting lamps also save valuable resources. The regular use of the HERO21 also sustainably reduces the previous disinfectant consumption.

The advantages of the HERO21 at a glance

  • Reproducible high-quality disinfection result
  • User-friendliness due to simple and intuitive operation
  • Documentable disinfection process
  • Accelerated disinfection process for a rapid return of investment (ROI)
  • Plug & play solution with intuitive operation via app
  • Effortless integration into existing workflows and environments, without additional adaptation effort
  • Extended disinfection area
  • Relief and protection of staff
  • Multi-level safety system

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