SERVICES | Fault-clearance and repair centre

In all events.

If possible, troubleshooting will be performed directly via remote access. Sometimes, however, the intervention of our service technicians is required. In such cases, we will support you directly on site.

We offer you a comprehensive spare parts service and, if possible, also take care of necessary repairs and the maintenance of your ICA spare parts. In order to ensure direct availability of your spare parts during the warranty period, we offer you the possibility to set up a consignment stock for the warranty period. We will be happy to advise you!

Maintenance: Regular function tests, module replacements and cleaning of the ticket machines are of great importance in order to ensure proper functioning and a long service life of your ICA ticket machines, to minimise failures of individual components and to reduce the number of service calls. We therefore recommend you to have the machines maintained at regular intervals.

We would be pleased to provide the maintenance service and to develop a suitable maintenance concept with you.

Retrofit: If your passenger ticket vending machines have become outdated, we will plan our retrofit programmes with you. You will have the benefit of lower costs than those of a new acquisition while at the same time protecting the environment. Modernise your machines instead of throwing them away, thereby migrating from old to new in a sustainable way.

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