[Stationary Ticket Machines]

DUALIS | 2000 S

Your ticket vending machine that is setting new standards.

For operators, ticket vending machines are more than just technical devices. As the first point of sale for passengers, the ticket vending machines represent the transport company and therefore have to be extremely reliable, fast, easy to understand, and thus comfortable to use. For the operator, the TVMs are even more: they are technical systems designed to guarantee low maintenance costs low while generating high sales. On the other hand, today operators expect to make a future-proof investment with an eye to new technologies. With the DUALIS 2000 S, the new generation of ticket vending machines, ICA Traffic meets these requirements.

Overview of advantages

  • developed for the requirements of outdoor installations at rail stations and stops
  • higher protection against vandalism due to constructive and other technical measures with EN 1630 certificate, Level RC4
  • TSI-PRM compatible with the needs of disabled passengers
  • ECOLINE+ technology and thus reduces energy consumption compared to predecessor models
  • additional 28“ information display in the roof
  • high reliability and availability
  • service friendly and thus lower maintenance costs due to the modular concept
  • payment with coins or banknotes as well as cashless and contactless payment
  • issuing of VDV-KA smart cards
  • modular design to comply with customers’ specific wishes
  • barcode reader as customer interface (option)

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