[Mobile Ticket Machines]

Traveller CLS

The Traveller CLS made by ICA is intended for mobile use in all kinds of different rail vehicles and buses. In addition, use in railway stations and booking offices is also possible.

The basic version of the machine enables proximity payment with EC / credit card and mobile phone. In addition to ticket selling, the new Traveller CLS also provides additional applications, for example, displaying departure times and even the possibility of call centre support for customers.

The display has two functional areas for different applications.

The bottom area contains the selling application and, for example, the up-to-date departure schedule can be displayed online in the upper area.


Your advantage

  • Multi-modal applications
  • High-speed proximity payment processing
  • Disabled-accessible and TSI-PRM compliant (stationary use)
  • Future-proof investment due to flexible software architecture
  • Option: Electronic ticketing (VDV-KA) and country-specific e-Ticketing solutions

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