The system.

Innovative ticketing for mobility providers. Simple ticketing for passengers.

TICKETING INSIDE, the new solution, is modular and offers you a platform for all channels of distribution. With TICKETING INSIDE, we combine the stationary world of ICA ticket machines and online ticketing via Mac or PC with the mobile world of smartphones. One solution for all devices. All safely stored in the cloud. All from a single source. We take care of the operation. And you can use the time you save for other projects!

With TICKETING INSIDE, we facilitate mobile ticket sales via smartphones and tablets (iOS + Android). Let us help you expand your channels of distribution and increase your sales.

Your benefits:

  • Modular, multi-client capable and safely stored in the cloud.
  • A platform for all channels of distribution: ticket machines, smartphones, PCs and Mac.
  • We take care of hosting, operation and management.
  • You get exactly the computing power, storage space and bandwidth that you need.
  • You do not have to invest in expensive IT hardware or operate such hardware.
  • ICA has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of ticketing and tariffs.
  • We offer open interfaces to third-party systems, such as traffic information systems.

We would be pleased to take responsibility for a number of services up to the operator model.

Ticketing Inside combines 30 years of expertise in terminals and experience in the field of tariffs with a new platform as a cloud solution. Based on the latest development approaches, we provide you with software that can be used on virtually any device. As a matter of course, the software has interfaces to third-party systems, such as traffic information systems. Thus, ICA turns from a ticket machine manufacturer with back-office system into a solution provider for ticketing. You enter your tariffs and data into only one application. The back-office system distributes the data to all devices. You will receive first-class service. Safe and reliable. We supply the ticket. In any form whatsoever. TICKETING INSIDE.

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