Control centre

Central overall control of all connected car parks.

Control, manage and monitor your car park management systems easily and efficiently. Whether you are planning a control station system with central cards/customers management or just want to give several employees access to data and actions over the internet, MultiTicket is the solution.

Whether you manage 1,000 or 100,000 parking places, whether 5 car parks or 50 – MultiTicket is your reliable partner.


Performance characteristics

  • Control, maintenance and monitoring of all connected car parks (control centre function)
  • Complete overview of all current status, alarm and occupancy reports incl. acknowledgement tracking
  • Freely configurable display and adjustment to client hardware
  • Detailed management and control for each connected car park, including:
    • card tracking
    • card management
    • customer management
    • control of individual stations/devices
    • configuration of operating data
  • Central reporting (settlement, shift reports, statistics)
  • Central issuance of season, prepaid and special tickets
  • Central export of data (settlement, statistics, customer data)
  • Individual issuing of rights for each user per connected car park
  • Management of operator actions in a separate commentary window
  • Acoustic alarms
  • Release function for replacement tickets at individual automatic pay stations with individual price entry
  • Variable configuration of the sort order for the car park display
  • Categorisation of errors and warnings by means of different colours

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