A relaxed shopping experience includes, above all, a relaxed parking experience.

The Skyline Plaza with its 170 shops is located at the heart of the Europaviertel district. At the same time, it is a central meeting point between exhibition centre and central station in Frankfurt am Main.

Since its opening in 2013, 17 pay machines as well as eight drive-ins and drive-outs have been in everyday operation – quickly and reliably. Due to the high number of visitors, the chip card can fully reveal its benefits as a parking ticket medium. Within six years of operation, the operator has saved several millions of fanfold tickets and countless tons of paper waste compared to a traditional barcode system.

The situation of season parkers is controlled and optimised by intelligent software solutions, while separate control devices facilitate access to gastronomy facilities, even outside the centre’s business hours. In addition, selected shops have the possibility to grant a discount on the parking fee with the chip card.

In 2018, the facility was supplemented by UHF long-range readers, so that registered short-term parkers can comfortably enter and exit the car park with a tag behind the windscreen. Parking procedures are invoiced monthly via the EASY TO PARK project. Apart from comfortable entry and exit, customers also do not have to go to the pay machine.

The car park is connected to the operator’s other car parks via a secured VPN connection and centrally managed with our control centre software.

  • 2400 parking spaces
  • 17 pay machines with 15“ touch display
  • 8 drive-ins and drive-outs
  • UHF long-range readers
  • 170 shops
  • Central control centre management

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